Hello everyone, The off season has officially begun! Some exciting things to post along with that. My last race of the season was Tinley's Adventures. I raced the very competitive sprint distance race a week after racing in Los Angeles. The race was fairly successful I took second place overall as well as in my age group... There were a lot of my future teammates participating as well all of whom had very successful races. Here is my recap of the race. So after viewing the race site and the pre race meeting board The swim was supposed to be counter clockwise but they changed the course as I was warming up and made it clockwise, apparently everyone got the memo but me and one other athlete. So after about 100 meters i look to see no one was near me to realize they were all going the other way. I changed directions and caught back up into the lead pack of three swimmers. I exited the water first with two Cal Poly athletes. After a distorted transition i was second on the bike I held second until about 9 miles into the ride. After nine miles I was passed by two other riders and went into transition in 4th place. After 1/4 mile run I moved back into the podium spot and with half the run remaining I moved into second but was out of contention to win it. I ended up with a 6:30 swim with going the wrong way, a 20 m.p.h. average bike and a 5:50 mile pace. I was very very satisfied with the run split definitely the fastest of all year and look forward to applying that to my 10 K next season. I was unhappy about the bike split though and that will just motivate me more for next years racing. Also navigation in the water will be very key as well! After a two week break from triathlon and exercise exceeding no more than an hour a day and the effort of walking an overactive dog I'm back in the saddle and very grateful! I was able to analyze the season with my coach and was very pleased with many of my results. I also set my goals for next year but I would like to keep those between my coach and I for now I will say though that they are quite big and I am more then ready to tackle them. The last two weeks have been very aerobic and long which I have been looking for. The two biggest things that have happened over the off-season so far is surviving through my 21st birthday this past weekend and more so I would like to welcome aboard my new sponsor Specialized bicycles! They will be working with me and there rep to get me on board with some bikes and equipment. I'm more then excited to be working with Matt and the company I've got some big things in mind for the racing season next year. Check in on Sunday for the newest update talk to you then!


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