The last four days I was 2200 miles away from home, in San Diego, California where Endurance Films Racing teammates Diane and Scott live and train. I was there for just 72 hours -- to present at a conference on teaching and learning -- but I still had to find time to fit in two runs of 15 and 5 miles  (marathon prep) and a swim. I knocked out the week's gym workouts before I left town. I was a bit nervous about running in unfamiliar territory (especially given my propensity to get lost), but Diane and Scott had route suggestions and reassurances that it was a safe and wonderful training ground. Because time was tight I couldn't venture too far, so I ran from the hotel to the waterfront and along fabulous paths that snaked along the water's edge and over bridges to small islands. There were plenty of runners, cyclists, walkers, and roller-bladers, so I was quickly at ease and able to focus on the specifics of the runs. There was so much to see -- submarines, replicas of ancient ships, cruise ships, an aircraft carrier/museum, small watercraft, a Naval base, a Coast Guard site, and the airport. I felt great on both runs - mentally and physically - and that outlet enabled me to better focus on the conference sessions. From my 24th floor hotel room, I could spot an intriguing rooftop lap pool a few buildings away. The pool was adjacent to a basketball court and surrounded by a multitude of gym equipment. I spent more time than I care to admit watching tiny figures swimming back and forth, back and forth. Even at such a great distance it was possible to make out the particular stroke or drill they were doing. On Friday my friend Krista and I made our way to this pool and enjoyed our first-ever rooftop pool workout! The place was amazing!!      Travel is not an excuse to skip training, but rather an opportunity to add some excitement by doing it in a new environment. It sure does help to have teammates at the ready to help you plan. Thanks to a boost from Scott and Diane, I am still on course for the Richmond Marathon in 27 days!


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