PF Metabolic - Conditioning Phase 1

This workout is perfect for the beginning of a training program to build great endurance, or during heavy distance training as a cross training workout. It involves the whole body a hits areas of the body that might be over looked during other forms of distance training. Workout progression and reps: Progress through Foam Rolling exercises (1-6) as prescribed by the videos
All remaining exercises (7-18) are on timed intervals.
• Perform exercise for 30 seconds, 5 seconds rest, then move on to next exercise. 
• REPEAT circuit once.
• Stretch
Note: Do as many reps as you can in the 30 seconds WITHOUT COMPROMISING your form. If your form breaks down, slow down and build your endurance for the exercise 
PF Lat Foam Rolling
PF Upper Back Foam Rolling
PF Piriformis/Glutes Foam Rolling
PF Hamstring Foam Rolling
PF Quad Foam Rolling
PF Band Pull-Aparts
PF Curl Jacks
PF Burpees
PF Plank Reaches
PF Bicycle Crunches
PF In & Out Push Ups
PF Plank
PF Reverse Lunge
PF Band Upright Rows
PF Band Bent Over Rows
PF Dumbbell Biceps Curls