Add residual revenue
    and value to your services

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    Give your athletes an extra edge
    and boost your income


Add residual revenue and value to your coaching services

We all know that video is hands down the #1 coaching tool and training resource. The Endurance Films Training Institute is the most comprehensive online video library, available for unlimited on-demand access on any computer or mobile device.

What if you could use EFTI to increase your effectiveness as a coach and, at the same time, add revenue to your business?

That's the EFTI Coaches Alliance - it's easy, no sales involved.


Sign up for a free EFTI coaching subscription and dive in to hundreds of hours of top training content.


Recommended videos to your athletes within your existing training plans.


Receive ongoing residual income for each of your athletes that subscribes.

"That's what The Endurance Films Training Institute has for coaches and for athletes - Those resources that they all need."
Mark Allen, 6-Time Ironman World Champion

"I know the power of video. I know what impact having video resources available to my athletes has had in my coaching process. I cannot think of a better investment than joining the Endurance Films Training Institute."
Bobby McGee - 6 Time Olympic Coach

The Upside of EFTI for your coaching business...

Leverage the industry's most powerful remote learning tool as "added perceived value" to your services.

Receive residual commission on every client subscription.

Augment your expertise with a full library featuring top experts in every topic.

Supply your clients with powerful visual resources to compliment your coaching agenda.

Amplify your effectiveness with athletes.

It's a no-brainer... why?

Authoritative voice pushes interest and legitimacy

No pitching. Sales method is passive. Simply drop your suggested video links into existing training plan (or wherever you want) and let your athletes discover EFTI for themselves.

Generate immediate, warm response from your clients through your "Voice of Authority".

Users experience revelatory moments with video learning, connecting what they're seeing to your coaching and get a comprehensive, intellectual understanding of what they are doing.

USA Triathlon calls it "NETFLIX for endurance sports training."

Get instant access to the most trusted instruction, technique, philosophy and strategy endorsed by the governing body of the sport.

Gain the extraordinary advantage of having our treasury of knowledge always at your command...and let us pay you for it!