Getting Started, Volume 1 of the 5-disc USA Triathlon Training Series with 6-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen. Learn more from our triathlon videos.

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0:01 - Endurance Films introduction

0:10 - What a Triathlon: building up all events

1:05 - Training mechanics: swimming - technique over untutored repetition

2:10 - Training mechanics: cycling - position on the bike & cadence 3:43 - Training mechanics: running - stride length - cadence and foot placement EF - 0059 - P In this clip from Triathlon: Getting Started, Volume 1 of the 5-disc USA Triathlon Training Series, 6-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen addresses keys to body mechanics and how building on these will translate to success in your triathlon career. Mark also explains the biggest mechanical problems that anyone wishing to enter triathlon and how to overcome in this insightful introduction. In the area of swimming Mark makes note that nobody can feel the way their stroke actually looks and that if you are at all serious about triathlon you’ll need to find a swim coach. In cycling, finding the right bike, or at least position on the bike, will keep you from cramping up and losing speed. And in running Mark stresses the importance of learning the proper stride length, foot position and cadence so that you conserve as much forward motion as possible. Enjoy the video!

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